NextGen Rodeo, the leading mobile application for equine enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce the introduction of its new subscription-based software model. Starting today, NextGen Rodeo will offer users the opportunity to access a range of exciting features and exclusive event livestream by subscribing.

Since March of 2023, the NextGen Rodeo app and the exclusive features have been provided as a FREE service to jackpots for both producers and contestants apart from the fees charged by credit card companies. The goal of NextGen Rodeo has always been to elevate the experience for the equine community, as well as make the lives of the producers and contestants easier. Simply put, however, innovation has a cost.

NextGen Rodeo has revolutionized the way rodeo enthusiasts connect, compete, and engage with the rodeo community. With its user-friendly interface and innovative tools, the app has garnered a substantial user base since its launch. Now, in response to growing demand for enhanced features, NextGen Rodeo is introducing the subscription-based model to offer an even more impressive experience.

While the NextGen Rodeo app will remain FREE to download and use, the subscription-model will provide contestants with exclusive access to a range of “cool” features designed to elevate their experience. Subscribers will gain access to advanced analytics, real-time results, event livestream access, and personal videos just to name a few. Additionally, producers will continue to have the option of downloading the draw and results to post wherever they see fit.

The entire team at NextGen Rodeo has spent months gathering information and feedback to determine a model that’s fair to all parties involved in equine event production. We have looked at many options and visited with many producers across the country and have found this to be the best direction. This new offering allows us to continually improve our platform and provide our most dedicated users with a premium experience. By accessing the exclusive features and content, contestants will be able to enhance their skills through enhanced data, stay updated with real-time results, and catch the action on the event livestreams.

NextGen Rodeo is committed to ensuring the app remains accessible to all users, regardless of their subscription status. The core functionalities of the app, including event registration and trade list access, will continue to be available to all users without the need for a subscription.

IPRA/UPRA Contestants:

You will still be able to conveniently enter the way you have become accustomed to. You will be sent a notification with your draw position and you may see your draw position via “my entries”. Also, you will be able to access the trades list via trades on the app. Both of these associations have dynamic links which update their website with day sheets when the draw is finalized and published.

The subscription plans for NextGen Rodeo are available at competitive pricing options, with monthly, annual, and event pass subscription plans.

Download the NextGen Rodeo App and experience the excitement of the rodeo community