Equine Sports Alliance (ESA) and Wild West Promotions are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with 4M Equine Ranch. Wild West Promotions is already the event production arm of ESA, and in partnering with 4M Equine Ranch this team is destined to better the barrel racing industry. 4M Equine Ranch is the esteemed home of five legendary stallions: Epic Leader, Fire Water Flit, Traffic Guy, Shawne Streakin Jet, and Epic Rokstar, and just as remarkable mares: Peachy and Juicy, Lever Action, and Special For Tres PZ. This alliance marks a new chapter in the industry of competitive barrel racing, promising to bring new excitement, great ground, and an even better production to new events and facilities.  


The launch of this new partnership will embark on December 2nd, 2023 in Glen Rose, TX. 4M Equine Ranch will be showcased as the title sponsor of the $10,000 added Wild West Promotions Finals. The Wild West Promotions Finals will illustrate extraordinary talent in both riders and equine athletes from across the nation.  


Following the Wild West Promotions finals, 4M Equine Ranch stallions will be featured as title sponsors at select ESA events coming in 2024. These celebrated stallions are not only champions in their own rights but are also siring the next generation of barrel racing legends to come, a testament to 4M Equine Ranch’s dedication to the sport. 


“We are beyond excited to welcome 4M Equine Ranch into our family,” said Clay Deen, COO of Equine Sports Alliance. “Their dedication to breeding and training top-tier competition horses aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate the equestrian experience for riders, spectators, and everyone involved in the sport.” 


4M Equine Ranch, owned by Darrell and Felicity Martin and managed by Kylee Scribner, are eager to begin this partnership and offer their knowledge and resources in attempts to create a thrill in the barrel racing community. “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to excellence,” said Darrell Martin, owner of 4M Equine Ranch. “We are honored to partner with such prestigious organizations such as Equine Sports Alliance and Wild West Promotions, as we continue to foster the growth of barrel racing. Our stallions represent the pinnacle of performance, and we’re eager to see the impact they will continue to have on the sport.” 


This partnership with 4M Equine Ranch is a leap forward in the commitment to nurturing a rich culture of equine sports. Equine Sports Alliance and Wild West Promotions are proud to embark on this journey with a partner that shares their vision of celebrating and advancing the legacy of barrel racing. 

About Equine Sports Alliance: 

Equine Sports Alliance is a leading organization committed to the promotion and enhancement of competitive equine sports. Through its partnership with event organizers, sponsors, and athletes, it seeks to bring the thrill of equestrian competition to a wider audience. 


About 4M Equine Ranch: 

4M Equine Ranch is a state of the art breeding,training, and events facility. Also home to world-class stallions and mares. Known for its excellence and commitment in the barrel racing industry. 4M Equine Ranch prides itself on producing and investing in future champions that will create a legacy to live on for decades.