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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of purchasing an ESA Membership?

First and foremost, ESA memberships have the exclusive ability to compete at ESA produced events and ESA alliance events. Depending on the level of membership you purchase, you can also receive qualifications to the Finals, discounts on entry fees, and complimentary subscription to the NextGen Rodeo app.  Please visit the membership page for a full list of ESA membership benefits.

How Do I Qualify for the Finals?

There are several ways to qualify to the Finals in 2024. Please visit the finals page for all the details as they are announced.

How Do I Nominate at Non-ESA Events?

Currently nominations are only at select events throughout the year. Please follow us on social media to stay up to date with future events eligible for nominations.

How do I Find ESA Events?

The simplest way to find ESA events is by visiting our calendar page . You may also see all the ESA events on the NextGen Rodeo app or by subscribing to Jackpot Junkie. If you want to be notified immediately of new events, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

When and Where is the Finals?

The ESA Texas Finals will be October 4-6, 2024, in Decatur Texas, at the beautiful 4M Equine Ranch.  Please visit the Finals page for more information on format and schedule as it’s announced.


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Quality Productions

ESA is committed to providing the next level of competitor focused events whether you are a barrel race or a team roper

Elite Customer Service

Members deserve the best experience. ESA is staffed with the best people to give each member a VIP experience

Top-Teir Data Collection

Until now, data has only been collected on the amount of money you and your equine athlete have won. ESA and NextGen are dedicated to enhancing performance data across multiple data points

Increased RIO

From huge payouts at events to leveraging the data points we collect, ESA is your opportunity to increase the value of every dollar you spend