The United Professional Rodeo Association (UPRA) is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Equine Sports Alliance (ESA), aimed at enriching the competitive landscape for barrel racing contestants.ESA member side pots will be introduced across the UPRA rodeo circuit, bringing added excitement and rewards to barrel racers. 


Entering a ESA member side pot starts NOW as entries have opened for the Beaumont UPRA Rodeo, Ft. Stockton UPRA Rodeo, and the Graham UPRA Rodeo (Must be a UPRA member to enter) on the NextGen Rodeo app. As an added bonus, ESA is adding $1,000 to the ESA member sidepot at the UPRA Graham Rodeo!


This innovative partnership represents a significant development for barrel racers who are members of ESA, offering them not only the chance to compete for additional prize money but also the chance to earn points towards the ESA yearly leaderboards. These leaderboards culminate in prestigious awards and cash prizes at the end of each year, recognizing and rewarding the dedication and talent of top-performing competitors.


“By integrating ESA member side pots into rodeos, we are providing our athletes with more opportunities to showcase their skills and achieve greater rewards,” said Jerry Hill, President of the UPRA. “This partnership with the ESA underscores our commitment to enhancing the competitive experience for our contestants and elevating the sport of rodeo to new heights.”


The UPRA and ESA are dedicated to advancing the sport of barrel racing, with both organizations working tirelessly to ensure that competitors have access to a broader platform for competition. The ESA side pot at select UPRA events throughout the year is a testament to this commitment, promising to generate even more excitement and additional opportunities to increase contestants ROI.


“We are thrilled to partner with the UPRA and bring additional value to our members through this innovative initiative,” said Steven Hayes, an ESA Representative. “This partnership not only benefits our ESA barrel racers by providing them with more avenues to compete and succeed but also contributes to the growth and popularity of the sport. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this collaboration will have on our athletes and the UPRA community as a whole.”


What you need to know:

  • How do I enter?
    • The ESA side pot will be entered and paid through the NextGen Rodeo app when entering UPRA rodeos. 
      • At this time, your entry fee for UPRA rodeos will still be paid on-site, but your side pot entry fee must be paid on the app at time of entry. 
  • Do I have to be an ESA member to enter the side pot?
    • Yes. You can purchase your ESA membership in the NextGen Rodeo app. 
  • What is the entry fee and the payout?
    • The ESA side pot will be $50.00 with an 80% payout. The number of paid places is determined by the amount of entries in the side pot, but not to exceed the number of places paid in the UPRA barrel racing event.
  • Is the side pot a “D” format?
    • Yes. The ESA side pot at UPRA events will be a 2D format with .5 splits.
  • Does my ESA membership discounts apply to the side pot entry at UPRA events?
    • Since this is a side pot entry, membership discounts do NOT apply. 


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